For the past few decades, 4/20 has been a highlighted day on the calendar for the majority in the cannabis community. There have always been rumors for just how 4/20 came into being, from Bob Dylan lyrics to the California penal code. The truth, however, is that our favorite holiday has much more humble beginnings.

It all began with a high-school clique from San Rafael, CA known as the Waldos. This 1970’s group out teenagers would meet at a statue outside their school every day at 4:20pm to smoke. Thus, “420” became the codename to signify their gathering. From there, it’s rumored that the Grateful Dead’s tour followers helped spread the idea of “420” throughout California and the world.

By the 1990s, the term “420” was above ground and in popular culture. What started as a shorthand code for teenagers to use in front of their parents, has now become a recognized date across the world. A day that once inspired small, non-sanctioned, has now become a licensed, corporately-sponsored holiday – usually with events that can draw thousands of people. We have compiled a list of some of the best 4/20 events in California, happening across the state!

4/20 Events in Northern California

Hightimes Cannabis Cup

The Hightimes returns to Sacramento, bringing along hundreds of cannabis vendors, industry award shows, awesome experiences, and world-class musical performances!

Where: Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento
When: April 20th + 21st
Price: $50

The Bud Drop at Hippie Hill carries on the tradition, presenting Hippie Hill 2019. Known as one of the most historical, long-running 4/20 celebrations. For the past 50 years, Hippie Hill has served as a gathering point for thousands on 4/20. Claim a spot early, and enjoy the bud drop.

Where: Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
When: April 20th
Price: Free

4/20 Events in Southern California

Kushstock 7

Kushstock is back, with a free, 21+ plus event for this years 4/20 celebrations. This year there will be glass-blowing competitions, a skate park, and 3 different stages, featuring reggae, hip-hop, Latin, rock and stand-up comedy.

Where: The Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto
When: April 20th, Noon-11pm
Price: Free

The Kaleidoscope Experience

With a description like, “a whimsical playground for adults,” what could sound like a better way to spend 4/20? Two days filled with games, psychedelic environments, and tater tots!

Where: The Globe Theatre in Los Angeles
When: April 19th + 20th
Price: $35-$79

Psycho Smokeout

I had to include this one because it’s a line-up of some of my favorite bands (and don’t let the name full you, they’re not Juggalo related). Bands like YOB, Elder, and UADA will take the stage for an all-day cannabis-infused metal fest!

Where: Catch One Music Compound in Los Angeles
When: April 20th, 12pm-12am
Price: $40-51

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