Getting the right dosage of THC can be tricky business. The variables can seem limitless, from the type of cannabis, to the method in which you are consuming it. We’ve all had our experiences of having a bit too much. So how much cannabis is the right amount?

There can be difficulties when it comes to determining the appropriate amount of cannabis for your dosage. Primarily, there are varying degrees of cannabinoid composition between strains for cannabis. Even the same strain can have differences in potency depending on where and when it was grown. Despite these difficulties, it is still a good idea to establish a baseline and have a general understanding of dosage before diving in.

There doesn’t need to be so much guess work when it comes to responsibly enjoying cannabis. You can guarantee that you don’t go overboard any time with some of this helpful info about cannabis dosage.

Smoking and Vaping Cannabis

When smoking dried cannabis, it’s a good idea to start with a small dose. If you’re newer to cannabis, smoking .25-.50 grams would be a good dosage to start with. The effects of smoking cannabis are virtually instant, which can make it easier to determine tolerance.

If you are a new cannabis user or are uncertain on the potency of a strain, always be sure to begin conservatively. Most smoking devices hold .1 gram per hit. Begin with one hit at a time, which will allow you to comfortably gauge any effects. This approach can also be used with Vaporizers and Vape Pens, taking one hit and allowing enough time to pass in order to gauge your reaction.

Consuming Edibles


Edibles are one of the most potent methods of consuming THC. It is safest to start with a much smaller dose. If it’s your first time, a dose between .05-.10 grams would be best.

One of the most important parts of edibles is making sure that you wait up to 2 hours to correctly gauge your reaction to the THC content. Edibles are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, causing delayed onset of its effects. Therefore it’s absolutely crucial to take your time when gauging the potency of edibles. It is important to stay hydrated when using edibles, especially if you might have consumed a bit too much.

Cannabis Oils and Tinctures

Cannabis oils are the most potent THC products available. Cannabis oils are measured in drops, with most doses of oil being about the size of a grain of rice. Begin your use of cannabis oils with one drop per day.

Tinctures tend to be less potent than oils, though they are similarly measured in drops. Tinctures are meant to be administered sublingually, underneath the tongue. It would be safest to start with 2-4 drops to gauge your reaction. It may take 15-30 minutes for you to be able to gauge your reaction to the effects of a tincture.

THC Strips

Much like a tincture, THC strips are meant to be placed under the tongue so it is able to dissolve. From there, the THC is absorbed into the bloodstream. Most THC strips contain 10mg of THC, which is a great place to start. Wait for at least 15-30 minutes after taking the strip to gauge your reaction to its potency. If that isn’t enough, you can find strips up to 20mg.

The takeaway message from this post is simple, start small. If you’re new to cannabis or gauging the potency of a new product, it’s always better to start small and increase slowly as you grow more accustomed to it. That way you’ll be worry-free and able to fully enjoy your cannabis!