My first experience with Genesis by Jahlibyrd brought me back to younger days, getting stoned with friends. Getting a few friends in a cozy place, smoking some joints, and enjoying the wonky company was my perfect hangout. Genesis encapsulates the feeling I have of those nights.

At the first puff comes a creamy, earthy flavor with hints of sweetness before the full body relaxation hits. Slowly, slowly after I felt my mind calm. This relaxed, blissful state was perfect for my night of couches, movies, and munchies. Looking around I could see my roommates feeling it too. We all hugged a blanket close, the conversation was sporadic but the smiles weren’t.

Now, this doesn’t mean this strain is only for the lazy stoner cliche.  It could be a wonderful strain for anyone with pain as bodily relief is quite substantial without being tiring.

The reining in of wandering thoughts combined with the euphoric uplift make for a creative high. As a replacement for an after work aperitif, it would be perfect.

Genesis can fit into a variety of needs and desires, but for me, it will remain as a way to reignite that feeling of closeness, joy, and comfort those early days of cannabis smoking brought me.

By Rama