Do you ever feel confused when you see these different acronyms describing cannabis oil? We often get these questions from our customers at our dispensary and decided to write about it.

What is Full Spectrum Oil?

Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) is a cannabis concentrate that preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpene content of the raw cannabis plant.

In its raw form, each cannabis cultivar has its own unique cannabinoid and terpene profile that, among other compounds, that contribute to their therapeutic effects. ⁠

These compounds are created within the plant’s lipid and fat-based trichomes. A full-spectrum extract is a type of cannabis concentrate that aims to capture all of the therapeutic compounds of the raw cannabis plant at the moment that it was processed, without the lipids and fats that hold those compounds together but do not have medicinal benefits.⁠

In a cannabis context, the term spectrum is used to describe the range of compounds produced by the plant’s trichome glands that can potentially produce therapeutic effects. In other words, the full spectrum means the full range of compounds that are produced within the trichome gland.⁠⁠

The goal of a full-spectrum extract is to capture all of the available compounds from the trichomes without altering them, leaving behind the undesirable fats, waxes, and lipids that hold the desirable compounds together. ⁠

Different Types of Cannabis Oil

What those acronyms stand for…🤓

Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (FSCO)⁠
Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)⁠
High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE)⁠
High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract (HCFSE) ⁠

If you have more questions about this topic, please shoot us an email or better yet, stop into our cannabis boutique to ask one of our bud tenders any questions you may have. #TheThcExperience