There are certain strains of cannabis that tick all the boxes for me. A focused head high that keeps the mind from wandering, an uplifting effect to your mood and smile, and a gentle relaxing of those little aches and pains we all get through the day.

Banjo does a great job of meeting all those criteria, and tastes great to boot. The first whiff is of citrus and aged cheese but the taste is much sweeter and piney. Tangelo, a sativa dominant, gives this strain the mental and physical energy that makes this such a great all day strain.

The other parent, Boost, is a calming and euphoric hybrid. This combo makes it a great daytime strain for those who otherwise stay from sativas because of anxiety or overthinking.

Another reason you won’t be overthinking with this strain is Coastal Sun’s growing techniques. Their integrated pest management eliminate the need for pesticides and their “bioponic” cultivation conserves water and nutrients. All the cannabis grown at their farm in Watsonville, CA is certified to Envirocann’s highest standard.

By: Rama